The CHS consultation has now closed

The third phase of the consultation on the Core Humanitarian Standard on Quality and Accountability is now closed. The Technical Advisory Group met in London on October 29-30 to discuss the analysis and findings of the consultation process. The final version of the CHS is being drafted based on the results of the consultation, and will be launched to the public at a conference in Copenhagen on 12 December 2014.

The CHS Steering Committee would like to thanks the many hundreds of individuals, organisations and networks for taking the time to feedback during the three consultations on the Core Humanitarian Standard.

Consultation in action
Consultation in action Consultation on the building of the Panamerican Highway through the Darien Gap
Credit: ACT/Sean Hawkey  
If you believe that humanitarian aid should be professional, founded on values of altruism, solidarity with victims and accountable to those who suffer, rather than just being about technical service delivery, you need to be part of this dialogue  
Peter Walker, Director, Feinstein International Center