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1. Are there two versions of the Core Humanitarian Standard?

The original Core Humanitarian Standard (CHS) was published in 2014. In March 2024, an updated CHS was published by the standard’s copyright holders: CHS Alliance, Groupe URD and Sphere. This second edition of the CHS appears on this website.

The 2014 edition of the CHS, with guidance notes updated in 2018, remains available as Chapter four of the 2018 Sphere Handbook. (This will be updated to the 2024 edition of the CHS with the next revision of the Sphere handbook.)

2. What are the main changes in the updated CHS?

The updated CHS has been strengthened, making it more people-centred, with a simplified structure and clearer language, promoting accessibility to a diverse range of actors supporting people in crisis situations.

3. Can I verify against the CHS 2024 edition? 

5. How can I see which organisations are applying and verifying against the CHS?

The Core Humanitarian Standard is being used by an increasing number of national and international organisations looking to deliver real improvements in the management of aid and its impact on communities and people affected by crisis. Visit the CHS Commitment Tracker to learn more.

Learn more about how organisations are verifying their performance against the standard can transition to the updated CHS here.

4. Why and how was the CHS revised?

The CHS was strengthened  following an extensive consultation with more than 4,000 contributors from more than 90 countries engaging in the consultations. Learn more about why and how this process was conducted here.


You can find more information about the CHS revision process, including a comparison of changes and consultations reports here.

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